44 (Free) Online Courses For Bloggers

44 Free Online Courses For BloggersO

It’s always great to learn a new skill or brush up on old ones. There are all sorts of courses online, but you know what I like more than online courses is FREE online courses. I’ve compiled a list of various free online courses for bloggers, social media users and online entrepreneurs. If that’s you take your time to go through this list or bookmark it so that you can visit it again and again. Happy learning!

Blog Courses:

12 Day Blog Traffic Mini Course

Beginner Blogging Course

Blogging To Win

Build A Profitable Blog

Create Your Logo

Evergreen Content Challenge

How To Design Your Blog

Keyword Course

Legalize Your Blog

Part-time Blogger Course

Podcast Course

Six Day Brand Discovery Course

Skill Share

The Blog Academy

The Blog Stylist

The Strong Brand Mini Course

The Ultimate Free Email Course

WordPress Course



Social Media Courses:

Beautiful Instagram Course

DS106 – Digital Story Telling and Social Media Course

Facebook SOS

How To Use SnapChat

Instagram Course

Instagram Tips

Manage Your Social Strategies

Pinterest Course

Pinterest Power

Social Media Courses

Twitter Legend

Your First Media Mention In 30 Days Or Less


Business Courses:

Busy Moms Building Online Businesses

Everything You Need To Know To Start Selling On Amazon

Free Passive Income Course

From Side Hustle To Success

Get Started Organizing Your Biz

Inbound Marketing Certification Course

Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Biz

Make Money From Photography

Viral Marketing And How To Craft Contagious Content

Visual Marketing Course

Week Of Code

Write Every Day

Writing For The Web


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Have you tried any of these courses before? What was it like? Can you recommend any other courses that are not on this list? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off New

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