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Analysing this year’s A to Z Challenge

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Put your hand up if you survived the A to Z Challenge this year, I barely did. This year’s A to Z Challenge was very different from my experience last year and not in a positive way. I posted two A to Z Challenge posts per day regarding writing and blogging, but did not see the same amount of traffic as I did last year even though I was writing more. I think this is because there was no list this year. The list made it really easy to find other participants and follow them on their A to Z journey. I feel like we were left to our own devices and expected to form our own list or blogger tribe, which is quite difficult especially if you have a day job or blogging isn’t your primary occupation. What I did enjoy is the feedback I received on my posts, I tried to make them as helpful and easy to understand as possible. This created lots of Twitter buzz and blog shares, particularly for the 17 Blog Challenges To Try In 2017 post. I also enjoyed reading everyone’s different interpretation of the letters, which was a lot of fun. Planning was definitely key with this challenge and I found myself taking a break in between, because I was feeling fatigued as the topics I posted were research intensive.

Overall, I’m glad I completed the challenge and I hope it was as helpful as I intended it to be. I felt frustrated that there was no list this year and if there’s no list next year or something similar in place I will have to reconsider participating. This A to Z Challenge left me feeling isolated in comparison to last year, which is quite unfortunate. If you want to check out my A to Z Challenge posts I’ll link all of them below.

A to Z Challenge – Blogging

My Top Tips For An Awesome About Me Page

17 Blog Challenges To Try In 2017

The Cons Of Blogging – Consistency, Content and Connection

Design Your Blog Part 1 – Colour Choice

Design Your Blog Part 2 – Essentials Every Blog Needs

Design Your Blog Part 3 – Fontamentals

Design Your Blog Part 4 – Gravatar Profile Basics

Design Your Blog Part 5 – Header Design

116 Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Just Be Yourself And Your Blog Will Benefit

Keyword Tips For Bloggers

Legally Blog – How To Protect Your Blog Content

Monetize Your Blog

Newsletter Set Up From Beginning To End For Bloggers

44 (Free) Online Courses For Bloggers

Pinterest Group Boards – What They Are, Where To Find Them, How To Create One + 180 Boards To Join Right Now!

100 Questions For Your Get To Know Me Tag

Research Tips For Bloggers

20 Sensational Social Media Tips For Bloggers

Transition Words To Hook Readers

Ultimate Guide To Creating A Media Kit For Your Blog

Video – How To Insert A YouTube Video Into A WordPress Post

Writing Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make

X-Factor – Strategies To Give Your Blog The Edge

13 YouTube Channels For Blogging Advice

Zest For Blogging – Turning Blogging Into A Career


A to Z Challenge –   Writing

Answer These Questions Before Writing Your Novel

Bildungsroman Writing Tips For YA Success

Children’s Book Writing Tips For Stories Kids Will Love

Dialogue Dos And Don’ts

Exposition Excellence – What It Is, How To Use It + Bonus Tips

Free Writing – No More Writers Block

Groups For Writers

The Hero’s Journey Explained + Free Printable

Inspiration For Writers

Jealousy – How To Craft The Perfectly Jealous Character To Catalyze Conflict In Your Novel

Killing A Character – Why And How To Kill A Character + 100 Causes Of Death

Love For Writing

Mystery Writing Tips And Workbook

Naming Your Characters

Outline Your Book The Easy Way

Publishing Your Book – What You Need To Know About Traditional And Self-Publishing + A KDP Tutorial

Quotations – How To Use Them In Your Writing

Romance Writing Cheat Sheet For Beginners

Stellar Stalker Fiction Writing Tips

Tips For Creating Compelling Characters

Unlikeable Characters – How To Make Them Likeable

Viewpoint – What It Is And How To Write It

43 Words Every Writer Should Know

17 (More) Young Adult Writing Tips

Zero In – 31 Ways To Fall In Love With Writing Again


Did you complete the A to Z Challenge this year? What did you think? What were your highlights? What didn’t you like? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off New

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6 thoughts on “Analysing this year’s A to Z Challenge

  1. There’s a survey you can fill in on the AtoZ blog and you can add your reflections post link in the comments. They really want to know everyone’s likes and dislikes of this year’s AtoZ.

    I really enjoyed your posts. They were quite helpful. Perhaps you should try the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop that happens every third Wednesday – same type of helpful posts for authors and everyone has to visit everyone who had visited them. It’s a great way to build up a network of writing friends. (Check out the hashtag on Twitter.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how clued up you are on the A to Z Challenge. Thank you for all your help. I will do the survey and give them my feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed my posts. Thank you for sharing them too!

      Liked by 1 person

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