Ultimate Guide To Creating A Media Kit For Your Blog

A media kit is one of your gateways to working with potential advertisers and brands as a blogger. What is a media kit? It’s a document that shows key facts and blog stats aimed at advertisers, marketers and brands you would like to collaborate with. Your media kit can include prices for your time and… Continue reading Ultimate Guide To Creating A Media Kit For Your Blog


Unlikeable Characters – How To Make Them Likeable

An unappealing, terrible, nasty, heartless repulsive character may be exactly what you story needs. Your readers could also be surprised to fall in love with this character, flaws and all, in the end. There are certain personality traits people hate in characters, which include: Arrogance: That’s when a character feels more important than or feels… Continue reading Unlikeable Characters – How To Make Them Likeable


Tips For Creating Compelling Characters

Characters are key: You can’t have conflict without characters. We try our best to put ourselves in their shoes. These characters have to be flawed in some way. They also face some difficulty and overcome them. Our protagonists have to be three-dimensional characters with strengths and weaknesses. They need to stumble and fall then rise… Continue reading Tips For Creating Compelling Characters


Transition Words To Hook Readers

Transitions make writing readable, smoother and makes the reader want to read till the end. What are transitions? They are words that are usually placed at the start of a sentence that help the reader transition or move from one subject to the other. Why should you use transition words? Because they direct your reader… Continue reading Transition Words To Hook Readers


20 Sensational Social Media Tips For Bloggers

Social media is an excellent platform for building an audience and drive traffic to your blog. Every blogger should use Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon and Pinterest to gain new readers and engage with old ones. These platforms can be intimidating especially if you aren’t tech savvy so here are twenty tips for social media success:… Continue reading 20 Sensational Social Media Tips For Bloggers


Stellar Stalker Fiction Writing Tips

A stalker is a great antagonist for a thriller, mystery or crime novel. I’d like to help you know more about this character, what makes them tick so you can have the basic knowledge to incorporate such a character into your novel. What is stalking? Stalking is the undesired or obsessive attention by a person… Continue reading Stellar Stalker Fiction Writing Tips


Romance Writing Cheat Sheet For Beginners

Romance is an extremely popular genre for writers, but this doesn’t mean that it’s an easy style to get right. Romance can be complex and includes many sub-genres that can send beginner writers and aspiring romance authors into a tailspin. I’ve come up with a simple cheat sheet and tips to help you write your… Continue reading Romance Writing Cheat Sheet For Beginners