The Best of 2017 – 43 Words Every Writer Should know

Hey there. I can practically smell 2018. How are your New Years Eve plans coming along?

I’ve been enjoying family time until now, but I haven’t made any plans for New Years so far. This wouldn’t be the first time. I guess it is what happens when you become parents. I remember Mr was so upset with me on New Years day 2014, because I slept right through the count down. I know, I’m awful. I had a newborn though so I was completely spent. Mr also proposed on New Years day,  so now it’s really special.

What makes New Years special for you?

I’m continuing with my series – The Best of 2017 and today’s post is for the writers. Check it out below!

Improve your english vocabulary while fine-tuning your dSLR front/back focusThere are loads of writing and publishing terms that are said to writers daily. You may have come across it in a blog post or article and thought “hmm, I’m not sure what that word means,” but don’t fret! I’ve compiled a list of common phrases and definitions, so let’s get started:

  1. Alliteration – Repeating the same sound in successive words, usually starting with the same letter.
  2. Ambiance – The mood of a scene or setting.
  3. Antagonist – An opponent or person who is hostile towards something.
  4. Anti-hero – A repulsive character, but not a villain.
  5. Archetypes – A typical character, action or situation that shows universal patterns of human nature.
  6. Audience – The people who read your book.
  7. Broad appeal – A variety of readers can identify with the story.
  8. Character-driven – The internal conflict experienced by the protagonist is what drives the plot forward.
  9. Characterization – How an author shows a character’s personality to their reader by using action, dialogue and thoughts.
  10. Dark – The story has lots of violence and carnage.
  11. Denouement – The final result of a main conflict in a story that comes after the climax and shows the secrets and misinterpretations connected to the plot.
  12. Dystopia – A created world that could be considered hell for your reader. This includes post-apocalyptic worlds.
  13. Fast-paced – The story is filled with action.
  14. Flash Fiction – Fiction written in 500 words or less.
  15. Genre – A category or theme of writing.
  16. Heavy handed – Not written very well.
  17. High-concept – A storyline that’s described in a single sentence that’s commercially feasible.
  18. Introspective – The plot moves too slowly.
  19. Kicker – An unexpected plot twist.
  20. Lead – The first paragraph of your story.
  21. Loaded words – Words slanted for or against a given subject.
  22. Manuscript – Author’s copy of a novel, non-fiction writing, article or other writing work.
  23. Narrative – Groups of events that’s the story in a certain order.
  24. Novel – Fiction written in 45 000 words or more.
  25. Novella – Fiction written in 7500 to 40 000 words.
  26. Outline – A brief description or list that shows the major action or ideas of a piece of writing.
  27. PB – Picture book.
  28. Plot – The main events of a story.
  29. Plot-driven – The conflict comes from external sources, which drives the plot forward.
  30. POD – Print on demand.
  31. Premise – The problem that forms the idea of a story.
  32. Proofreading – Reading a piece of writing to weed out errors.
  33. Protagonist – The main character of a story who is responsible for moving the plot forward.
  34. Pseudonym – An alternate name used by an author if they don’t want to use their own.
  35. Revising – Making changes to your writing.
  36. Rings true – Like the author experienced it themselves.
  37. Royalties – Revenue made by an author.
  38. Setting – Where the story takes place.
  39. Short-story – Fiction written in 7000 words or less.
  40. Slush-pile – Unsolicited manuscripts received by a publisher.
  41. Story-arc – The way fiction proceeds.
  42. Utopia – A created world that’s heavenly. Your reader would love to live in this perfect world.
  43. Voice – The style, tone and intention a writer uses.

Do you have any words to add to the list? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off New

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