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#Blogmas Day 5 – 20 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

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Festive Season means travel in our home and travelling with a toddler is no easy feat, especially when doing it solo. The first solo trip the Little One and I didn’t go as well as I hoped, because it was our first time travelling out of JKA together. I’ve wizened up since and I’d love to share my travel tips with you.

  1. Tell your kids what’s happening. I have a conversation with my son about going on a vacation and we count down the days. He calls it a ma and pa vacation. nm-talking-to-your-child-about-cancer-feature.jpg
  2. Get them flight related toys and books. My son loves taking his little die cast airplane onto the actual airplane.41KUJdSXJiL.jpg
  3. Let them pack their own bag. I let him choose the toys he wants to take along on the trip.                                                              51HiumeWzOL.jpg
  4. Let them carry their hand luggage. The little One has a miniature Paw Patrol backpack that’s taken everywhere. He loves to carry his bag, because it makes him feel more grown up.                          047754585766-1-zoom.jpg
  5. Pack extra clothing for yourself and your toddler. The Little One threw up all over himself and me. Long story short, I’ve packed extra clothing ever since.Rolled-clothes.jpg
  6. Bring many plastic bags to put wet or thrown up clothes in.plastic_bags.jpg
  7. Bring wet wipes and tissues. Pack more than you usually need. wet_wipes-1.jpg
  8. Pack medicine and plasters. See aforementioned throwing up. 268851011_0_640x640.jpg
  9. Bring their favourite toy along. My son uses his teddy bear for comfort. When he is scared he says, “Don’t cry Callie Bear.” 81RtuAy7JmL._SL1500_.jpg
  10. Buy them something new. This can be a small toy. gift-11.jpg
  11. Have rewards for good behaviour. This can be a few snacks, toys, stickers or new crayons. Whatever your child will like. prizes-for-kids-1
  12. Have a lot of healthy snacks in your bag. healthy-travel-snacks-business-travel-life-2
  13. Put diapers on potty trained toddlers for long flights. Being in a 7 hour flight with a toddler and only one toilet available is enough to put potty training on hold. We waited 30 minutes on our last flight for someone to come out of the bathroom. Needless to say, my son couldn’t hold it that long.diapers-stock-today-161221-tease_c1aceefb1ac5665fbdb8b96d518d7a7d.jpg
  14. Bring an empty plastic bottle or sippy cup to fill up after you board the plane. 91a6cfe6-6215-4b44-954d-d74475b5ccb9_1.f9fed13a09b8c10afa59fa38225027d1.jpeg
  15. Bring lollipops or sweets to alleviate the pressure in the ears during take-off.galaxy3_1024x1024.jpg
  16. Prepare your entertainment ahead of time. 2A37236000000578-3149025-image-a-72_1435965835153.jpg
  17. Hide toys or I-pad before the time so that when you use it on the plane your child will see it as new and exciting again. 3_hide-the-toys.jpg
  18. Get them a comfortable neck pillow and blanket. I’ve spent many a flight worrying about my Little One’s neck bobbing up and down while he sleeps. A neck pillow and blanket helps my son get settled to sleep.51ggYGQ8QkL.jpg
  19. Make a DIY I Spy bag. This one is made by Thread Riding hood.I-Spy-Bag-Tutorial-3.jpg
  20. Make a travel binder or file to use on the plane. I found this cute racetrack on Design Dazzle.Racetrack-Binder-printables-3.jpg

Those are my 20 tips for travelling with toddlers. What tips do you have for travelling with kids? Let me know by commenting below!


Love, Blessings and Festive Greetings,

Lindsay Sign Off

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