The Stay at Home Mom Blues

The Stay at Home Mom Blues

I struggled writing this post, because I know it’s a touchy subject. I am in no way elevating being a Stay at Home Mom over being a working mom. I admire working moms and they have so much to deal with at work and at home. My blog is where I air my feelings and I believe this post is an important one for my healing. Being a parent is hard enough, without playing the comparison game.

I love being a Stay at Home Mom most of the time. It is wonderful to watch my son grow and develop daily, knowing that I’m the one teaching him how to count and read his ABCs. It has definitely strengthened the bond between the two of us, but being a SAHM has a dark side.

The isolation and lack of adult conversation can get to me, especially when Mr is away for work. It drives me a little loopy. The cartoons, children’s songs and endless children’s activities don’t help either.

I feel like I do the same thing every day. I cook, clean and school the little one every day and it feels like a never ending cycle. I’m so used to doing the same things that I start believing I’m doing nothing at all, because these tasks give me no sense of achievement.

There is no glory in SAHM work. There’s no employee of the month accolades or a great job doing that ironing. Everything is just expected to be done and no appreciation or thanks is given.

The SAHM Blues 5.jpg

I undervalue myself. I often undervalue everything I do for my family. The seemingly mundane things I do every day adds value by making everyone else’s lives easier. I have a purpose in this life and I should be kind and gentle to myself every day.

I am grateful that I am able to be a SAHM and I appreciate every single thing Mr does for me and our family. He works extremely hard to provide for us and I must say that I love being a SAHM (most of the time) 😉.


Are you a SAHM? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know by commenting below!


Love, Blessings and Happy Trick or Treating,

Lindsay Sign Off

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4 thoughts on “The Stay at Home Mom Blues

    1. Thanks for your support Lynne. Things are about to change a bit now that the Little One is going to school in January, so I’ll be alone in the apartment for most of the day. I hope this will give me more time to work. 🙂

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