Free Printable Mathematics Activity – Word Problem 5

Free Printable Mathematics Activity

Hi there and welcome to day 5 of free printable mathematics activities here on Lindsay Lovin’ Life. We are half way through the word problems and I know you’ve been having a good time so far. I hope the activities were challenging enough for your young ones and have helped them practice their addition and subtraction.

Next up is the 5th word problem:

Word Problem 5Word Problem 5

Jenna is a little girl who loves to visit the beach. When she is there she collects the most perfect seashells she can find. She collects a few in June and some in August. Can your children solve how many seashells Jenna has collected so far?

If they need some help feel free to download the solution to this word problem: Word Problem 5 Solution

I hope your children or special children in your life enjoy these printables. Thank you for pinning and sharing these printables with your loved ones and friends. I appreciate it. Let me know what you think by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

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