Friday Five

Friday Five – My Five Favourite Blog Posts Of The Week

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Guess who’s back? Back again. Friday Five’s back. Tell a friend. My favourite part of the week is back y’all! I know this post was very popular back on Home, Hugs and Huskies, so I want to continue to show you love by highlighting my five favourite blog posts of the week written by you, my readers and friends.

Isabelle's Story.png

I loved Jennie’s retelling of her student, Isabella’s, life in Bali. Isabella is a very talented storyteller. I enjoyed this post thoroughly. Read it here:

A Teacher’s Reflections – Isabelle’s Story

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For The Clueless.png

Baby shower gift ideas can be difficult for some, especially if you aren’t a parent or you have older children and can’t remember what was useful or not. This post has many useful items that new parents will love and I’ve used most of the items for my son as well. Check it out:

Don’t Do That Mommy – Baby Shower Gift Ideas For The Clueless

Roasted Butternut and Beetroot Nutty Spaghetti.png

Who doesn’t love a delicious and healthy recipe? This one by Lynne will become a staple in our home. Roasted butternut is one of my favourite ingredients. If you would like to try this recipe, visit her blog:

Lynne’s Recipe Trails – Roasted Butternut and Beetroot Nutty Spaghetti

The Muse.png

Ronel is a talented South African writer and she shows this off in her flash fiction piece called The Muse. Her use of imagery is impeccable and theme comes across in a cohesive, well thought out writing piece. Read it for yourself:

Ronel The Mythmaker – The Muse

Love In The Time Of Technology.png

This poem by The Blooming Jade captures the emotions of dating in the modern era so perfectly. Her intelligent word choice, form and structure makes it a highly relatable read. Take a look and let her know what you think:

The Blooming Jade – Love In The Time Of Technology

Which of my choices were your favourites? Are you familiar with these bloggers? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

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