#WritingWednesday: Naming Your Book – Tips For Creating A Terrific Title

Naming Your Book - Tips For Creating A Terrific Title

Naming your book is just as important as the content itself, because it is one of the main factors that determine whether your reader would like to purchase your book or not. Naming your book is your opportunity to brainstorm and come up with a clever title for your book. This can be a difficult process, because there is no set out formula for coming up with a name for your book like there is for writing and planning the content of your book.

There is a ‘checklist’ of sorts for a book title. It should:

  • Let your reader know what your book is about.
  • Be memorable.
  • Pique your reader’s interest.
  • Promise to benefit your reader (if non-fiction).
  • Possibly include a creative twist.

Here are a few tips I’ve researched that could help you come up with a title for your book if you are struggling:

Use Subtitles – Don’t underestimate the power of subtitles as they help explain or add to your main title. E.g. Snapped – Delving Into The Psychology Of The World’s Most Dangerous Criminals.

Use Numbers – Numbers can give your reader a time line and give your book instant credibility. E.g. 30 Days To A New You!

Make A Promise – Promise a positive end result for your reader in your title. E.g. Lose 10 KG In One Month.

Use Sound Devices Like Alliteration, Rhyming and Repetition – This makes your title easy to say and remember. E.g. Daniel Dragon’s Princess Pal, Lance’s Lasting Love and There’s A Brown Bear In My Hair.

Use ‘How To’ In Your Title – ‘How To’ tells your reader that by reading your book they will learn a new skill and benefit. E.g. How To Start A Successful Blog.

Add Your Own Twist To A Popular Phrase – This familiarity intrigues your reader. E.g. The Road Less Gravelled – Getting Your Life Back On Track.

You can combine a few of these tips to create your title as well. If that doesn’t work you can always write your book first and leave the title development for last. Keep a journal and write title ideas down as they come to you.


How do you come up with titles for your book? Do you name your book before or after it is written? Do you have any tips to add to this list? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off New

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3 thoughts on “#WritingWednesday: Naming Your Book – Tips For Creating A Terrific Title

  1. I usually just go with “Working Title Witches” or whatever the main characters of the story are – fidgeting with titles before I even know what the story is about can only lead to falling in love with a title only to have it change when everything is done.

    Check out the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop – I’m sure you’ll help someone with your writing tips 🙂 (The next blog hop is next week.)

    Liked by 1 person

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