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#FreebieFriday – Adventurous Alex: I Love Mom

Freebie Friday Adventurous Alex I Love Mom

Freebie Friday is back with a bang! And I’m kicking it off with Adventurous Alex: I Love Mom, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Adventurous Alex I love mom cover new 1

Get your free copy here

Adventurous Alex: I Love Mom is the third book in the Adventurous Alex series (there are eight in total) The Adventurous Alex series is a collection of original children’s bedtime stories packed with adventure. Each book contains a story with short rhyming sentences and bright colourful illustrations. The easy reading rhyming stories are sure to keep your child entertained, but not overly stimulated that they can’t fall asleep. The repetitive yet entertaining children rhymes will ensure your child asks for the story to be read aloud over and over night after night before bedtime.

This book was written to honor mothers all over the world for the great things they do for their children every single day. These activities may seem mundane, but they mean everything to your little ones. This book is the “Thank You” that your child may not be able to express, but feels every time you help them and encourage them to achieve their goals.

The Adventurous Alex Series is loosely based on my family and the activities we have done or wish to do together. Its simple sentences and rhymes aim to encourage first time readers and hold the attention of young ones. The hand drawn images are created with love and care.

I hope you enjoy reading this story to your children as much as I enjoyed reading it to mine.

Please enjoy these complimentary items based on Adventurous Alex: I Love Mom:

Mother's Day Colouring Page

Mother’s Day Colouring Page

I Love Mom Colouring Book CoverAdventurous Alex I Love Mom Colouring Book

If it’s possible, I’d love it if you would leave a review after you’ve read this book. If this special doesn’t apply to you, please share it with a friend or family member. I’m always happy to share my art and work with you!

This is a one day only offer (5 May 2017 only) so Get your free copy here.

Other books in the Adventurous Alex Series (Click the image to read more about the book):

Adventurous Alex: What Can I Be? (Volume 1) Paperback

Adventurous Alex: When I Grow Up (Volume 2) Paperback

Adventurous Alex: My Dad is Super (Volume 5) Paperback

Have you read any books in the Adventurous Alex series? What do your kids think about it? Do you enjoy Freebie Fridays? Let me know by commenting below!

Oh and before I go, please like the Adventurous Alex Facebook Page for Adventurous Alex news, freebies and more!

Love and Blessings,

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    Get your free copy of Adventurous Alex: I Love Mom or simply download the free printable adult coloring page to relax this Friday. Check it out over at Lindsay Lovin’ Life or on Amazon. This is a one day only offer so don’t miss out!


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