Travel Tuesday: Moving From Cape Town To Nairobi

Moving From Cape oTown To Nairobi.jpeg

As you probably know by now, we’ve recently made the move from Cape Town to Nairobi. S received a job offer in Nairobi about nine months ago and moved to Nairobi seven months ago. This caused us to make many life changes that we hadn’t foreseen a year ago, but here we are. I was nervous to leave my family, but excited to start a new life.

The day finally arrived and we were set to leave. We had six luggage bags and four pieces of hand luggage. We said our goodbyes to my family and entered Cape Town International’s departure section, where we waited for a good hour or two to board the flight. A’s medication kicked in and he was sleeping on his father’s lap for most of the waiting period, which was good for us. We eventually boarded the Kenya Airways flight and circled around Cape Town for three hours, before we landed back at Cape Town International Airport. The aircraft was having technical difficulties, so we wouldn’t be going to Nairobi after all. We exited the plane and boarded the bus feeling bewildered and confused. We made plans the next day and felt disappointed that we couldn’t execute them. All the passengers looked at each other like “what now?”, because there wouldn’t be another flight exiting Cape Town International until Sunday. We were also angry, because we weren’t told what happened and what we should do next. Some people were ushered to a hotel, but we opted to call my parents and stay at their house for the night to work out our game plan. They told us they would text us what to do next or when we would be able to get on an alternate flight to Nairobi, but by 10PM S took the executive decision to call the airline himself and arrange for us to get a flight to Nairobi from O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg.

We boarded a South African Airlines flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg at 6:00, we had breakfast and the flight was smooth. A was feeling a bit groggy and proceeded to projectile all over us, his seat and the floor. Fortunately, I had packed multiple sets of clothing for him and cleaned him up in the bathroom. S and the helpful flight attendants had cleaned the seat and floor when we returned. Everything went smoothly after that. We landed at O.R. Tambo and explored a bit while we were waiting for our Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi.

The flight was pleasant and the staff were very friendly. A slept throughout the flight, which was a bonus. The in flight entertainment was good, I watched a movie and slept a bit. I hardly slept in the 24 hours leading up to all this mayhem. The meal was good too, I loved the dessert of coconut cake. It was absolutely delicious! After about four hours we landed at Jomo Kenyatta Airport and our adventure began.

Moving To Nairobi 1.jpg

A and I arriving at Jomo Kenyatta Airport.

We collected our booked luggage, proceeded to customs and waited for our transport. We were so tired, but excited. A kept saying we were going on vacation. We could see how happy he was that we were all together as a family again. We arrived at our new and empty apartment, which is more like home now than I could have ever anticipated. Moving To Nairobi 2.jpg

We had curry and naan from Grand Cafe in Lenana Road for dinner and called it a night. It was an extremely long 24 hours of travel. The next morning we headed to Ngong road, where we bought a temporary outdoor set of chairs and a sofa, until we found what we wanted.

Moving To Nairobi 3.jpg

We ordered all the basic appliances and furniture pieces from Game and Nakumatt, but they would only be delivered later on in the week. So we waited and mostly ate takeout until we had a fridge and stove, this is when I had my first nyama choma experience. It wasn’t too bad, different from South African chisa nyama, but still good. It was flame cooked goat meat cut into chunks and served with potatoes and kachumbari (a tomato and onion salad). I’ll share a photograph of it with you when I cover my favourite Kenyan food.

Moving To Nairobi 4.jpg

We bought a table and bench set from Game and I covered it in contact paper to give it a lighter and more modern look. It turned out better than I expected. We also assembled the rest of our furniture together one Sunday. It was very fun to build a home together again.

Moving To Nairobi 6.jpg

Moving To Nairobi 5.jpg

S and A hard at work assembling the furniture for our chill zone/ book nook.

We’ve settled totally settled in to Nairobi life and we are enjoying our space. There are always new things to experience on the weekends and new people to meet, but when we need some time out, the balcony or book nook provides the perfect reprieve.

Moving To Nairobi 7.jpg

The completed book nook. We’ve added a rug and books since taking this photo. 🙂

Have you ever relocated? What was it like? Have you ever visited Nairobi or stayed in Nairobi? Let me know by commenting below!

Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off New

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20 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Moving From Cape Town To Nairobi

  1. My move from Canada to Saudi Arabia was a nightmare, but eventually came off. Not been to Kenya yet but have been to Africa 5 times. Love the food – quite fond of a good potjie and pap

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:

    It’s my first Travel Tuesday over at Lindsay Lovin’ Life (It is Tuesday right?), anyway, I share my story on how we traveled from Cape Town to Nairobi with a few twists in between. Read my story and let me know what you think!

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  3. I moved once that I can remember when I was about 9. It was exhilarating and kinda sad all in one. Exciting because we were moving to a whole new place. Sad because we were leaving my childhood home, the only one I could remember. Now my parents will be moving again soon. It’s going to be interesting to see the differences in how I feel now versus then.

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  4. Your new place already looks beautiful.

    I have some second cousins who grew up in East Africa, where there parents were missionaries. They lived in Kenya for a while, as well as Tanzania and Ethiopia. This was probably in the 1970s.

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  5. This certainly is a new chapter in your lives. I wish you all the happiness and success you all so rightly deserve.
    I have never done a major move like that. I believe it is incredibly stressful. Have a good weekend 🙂

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