17 (More) Young-Adult Writing Tips

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Young adult fiction has boomed in the past few years, but it’s more of a category than a genre on its own. The narrative perspective is what makes a story YA, regardless of the genre. The language usage, juvenile thoughts and behaviours of characters, as well as pace makes the book YA. If you are a YA writer or an aspiring YA writer there are some tips you could use to excel in the category:

  • Avoid using slang just to identify with the younger audience.
  • Try an angle other than the typical troubled teen.
  • Get your viewpoint right.
  • Make sure your character’s age aligns with a young adult novel and shows how they grow up or transform during the course of your story.
  • Use appropriate voice, language and tone.
  • Show your reader how your protagonist deals with challenges and touchy subjects.
  • Get input from teenagers that you know.
  • Think like a teen.
  • Keep the action compelling and the conflict real.
  1. Give your reader a sense of hope that they will overcome adversity, just as the protagonist has.
  2. Young adult fiction is usually written in first person.
  3. Use experiences from your teenage years and incorporate it into the story.
  4. Listen to popular teen music and listen for themes and inspiration.

Things to avoid when writing young adult stories:

  • The protagonist is the chosen one who has to fulfil their destiny.
  • An orphan protagonist.
  • A love triangle.
  • A trilogy.


For more on writing for young adults visit my previous post Bildungsroman Writing Tips For YA Success.

Are you a YA writer? How do you identify or cater for your audience? What’s your favourite young adult book? Let me know by commenting below!


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