X-Factor – What Makes A Writer Great?

X - factor What makes a writer greatX

The best thing about being a writer is the ability to express yourself through an idea and take that idea and transform it into words, sentences and paragraphs. I’m passionate about writing and reading, this is one thing that followed me through the multiple awkward stages of my life, where I failed to belong or fit in. A book always made me feel safe, wanted and important, so it’s no surprize that I’ve become a writer. But what makes a writer great? What qualities do they possess? What gives them that X-factor?

They pay attention to detail:

They are always scrutinizing their work for mistakes and ways they could improve sentence structure.

They have discipline:

Great writers work tirelessly to improve their writing.

They express themselves clearly:

They convey their thoughts clearly, in a way that their reader can understand.

They possess a large vocabulary:

Great writers have a vast vocabulary that they incorporate into their writing and use it to keep their readers interested.

They are flexible:

They are open to suggestions and critique, because it helps them improve their story and writing.

They read:

Great writers have a passion for reading their peer’s work.

They bring their characters to life:

They are able to make a character three-dimensional, real and believable.

They write with purpose:

Great writers know which emotions they want to evoke from their readers in their writing.

They offer solutions to their readers:

They answer the questions their readers may have and provide them with coping mechanisms through their writing.

They are good teachers:

Great writers make things easier and explain complex information and topics in an easy way.

They edit their work:

They treat editing as the most important part of writing.

They are patient:

Great writers have off days too and take it in their stride, but they know they’ll finish their manuscript.

They are observant:

They pay attention to real people; their quirks, character traits, how they move, speak and dress.

Which of these characteristics do you have? Which ones do you need to work on? What traits do you think great writers possess? Let me know by commenting below!


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Lindsay Sign Off New

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