Unlikeable Characters – How To Make Them Likeable

Unlikeable CharactersU

An unappealing, terrible, nasty, heartless repulsive character may be exactly what you story needs. Your readers could also be surprised to fall in love with this character, flaws and all, in the end. There are certain personality traits people hate in characters, which include:

Arrogance: That’s when a character feels more important than or feels like he knows more than other characters.

Conceited: When a character holds a high opinion of themselves to the point of criticising and degrading other characters.

Condescending Nature: When a character belittles another character due to some made up superiority.

Dependency: These characters are clingy and rely on others to survive. They have no sense of being able to live on their own and pass on their responsibilities to others.

Dishonesty: A character that is a liar and continues to lie even after the other characters have pointed it out to them.

Domineering Nature: This character tries to control others at work or at home.

Stupidity: He/ she is outright stupid and infuriate others with their lack of knowledge and foolishness.

Pessimism: They complain about everything and emphasize all the bad things in their lives and bad possibilities and outcomes in a situation. This personality type drains the other characters.

Rudeness: A character is impolite, disrespectful, offensive and embarrassing to others.

Temperamental Nature: This character is prone to mood swings and is unpredictable.

Unreliability: You can’t count on this character for anything, because they are too disorganised, selfish or downright lazy to do it.

How to make a character more likeable:

  1. Have them do something kind that shows that they care deep down.
  2. Stack the odds against them.
  3. Make them the underdog.
  4. Create problems that are not their fault.
  5. Make them feel good at what they do.
  6. Don’t let them take life too seriously.
  7. Make them funny or give them a sense of humour.
  8. Give them a past that haunts them.
  9. Give them flaws that they try to beat.
  10. Let them share commonalities with your intended reader.
  11. Give them someone to love or care about.
  12. Let them fight authority or a regime.


What makes a character unlikeable to you? What’s your favourite example of an unlikeable character? Did you like them in the end? What event turned it around for you? Do you incorporate unlikeable characters into your books? Let me know by commenting below!


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Lindsay Sign Off New

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