Research Tips For Bloggers

Research Tips For BloggersR

Some blog posts require more than writing off the top of your head. You would probably like to do this research as quickly as possible to save writing time. The best tip I can offer to write a post as quickly as possible is to leave the research till last.

Write your blog post as best you can and when a spot where you should insert some research appears leave it blank and come back to it in the end. You can make a note of this blank space on a separate page, word document or journal. Then do the research on the topic and incorporate it into the post.

A good place to start researching basic information is your local library. The other obvious place is the internet.

Sometimes the amount of varying sources and information found on a simple internet search can be overwhelming and not what you wanted at all.

Here are some shortcuts to help you shorten your internet searching times and get information that you actually want:

  • Use inverted commas when searching for a specific phrase. E.g. ‘Elvis Blue’ so now only information regarding ‘Elvis Blue’ will come up, not just those with the words Elvis and Blue.
  • Use + before a word. This includes only pages with the word including the sentence you are searching will be shown. E.g. Disney World+Restaurant+Cheap, only information with all these words included will show up in the search results.
  • Use – to show words that you want to exclude from the search results. E.g. South Africa – Jacob Zuma.


What are your tips for researching a topic for a blog post? Where do you find your information? How long do you usually spend on researching a blog post topic? Let me know by commenting below!


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Lindsay Sign Off New

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4 thoughts on “Research Tips For Bloggers

  1. Those are my sources! I love the library, but the times where I’m super busy I will do an internet search. Sometimes I find myself digging through flash drives or CDs for information I’ve saved, or even pulling out my old textbooks or notes. Ha! 🙂

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