Quotations – How To Use Them In Your Writing

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Quotations are effective to show or back up the points you want to make in your book or article. They have the added benefit of providing a break between long text and give your book or blog post more visual appeal.

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I usually use the block quotation option on WordPress when including quotes in my blog posts or use italics.

There are various places to find quotes online. My favourite are:

  1. Brainy Quote
  2. Curated Quotes
  3. Images Quotes
  4. Picture Quotes
  5. Quote Garden
  6. Quotes And Us
  7. Quotes Daddy
  8. Quotes’ Treasure
  9. Quotographed
  10. Ref Seek

When you quote your book has more authority and looks like you took your time to research your topic. You should probably use this in moderation, but when used correctly it can be an effective device.

Just some final tips when quoting are:

Always credit the source you are quoting from to avoid any copyright issues.

Make sure that your quote is correct word for word.


Do you use quotations in your books or blog posts? Where do you find your quotes? Do you have a favourite quote? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off New

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