Keyword Tips For Bloggers

Keyword Tips For Bloggers


Search engines like Google will be the biggest contributor of traffic to your blog, so correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to a blog’s success. Using the correct keywords in the correct places can enhance your SEO and increase your traffic.

What is a keyword?

They are the words you enter at the bottom of your blog post in WordPress.

Is there a difference between keywords and tags?

No, there isn’t a difference.

Are categories and keywords the same?

No, categories are used to organize your post on your blog. Keywords help readers find your post on WordPress search or on search engines.

How can you use keywords to increase your SEO?

  1. Check out which keywords are most popular on Google Adwords, Google Trends and Wordtracker.
  2. Be strategic about your choice of keywords – choose keywords that are relevant to your topic. Choose keywords that will give you a high SEO ranking. Be specific when choosing a keyword. E.g. Baking vs. Chocolate Cake Recipe
  3. Use phrases with 2 or 3 words (as shown above)
  4. Use the keywords in your blog post title.
  5. Use keywords in your subtitle.
  6. Use keywords in your blog post – aim for a keyword or key phrase in the first 200 words of a post.
  7. Add your keyword in your links – e.g. Click here for more chocolate cake recipes.
  8. Always use your keywords when naming your images that you use on your blog as they add to your SEO and help when a potential reader is using Google Images to search for content.
  9. Avoid Keyword Stuffing – Sites are penalised for spamming their readers with keywords so use your keywords wisely.

Do you have any tips for choosing keywords? What are your favourite keywords to use? Was this post helpful? Let me know by commenting below!


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      1. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family Lindsay. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. It has been a complete weekend of indulgence so far (I will have to detox for a week after this lot LOL and hit the gym everyday and not be lazy ! ) Have a good one my friend and enjoy some nice yummy chocolate. Love always ❤

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      2. Thank you Lynne. Can you believe that there was not one Easter egg over here? I looked everywhere and only found those Kinder Joy eggs. My son doesn’t eat those so it was a chocolate free Easter (can you believe it?). You’ll have lots of time to get back into the swing of things. I hope you enjoy the public holidays that are coming up as well. ❤

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  1. OMW a Chocolate Free Easter !!! I am shocked there were no eggs there. My word, next year hopefully you will be able to have some for Easter, one way or the other…shame! Failing that let me know and we will have to think of something!
    I am so delayed with everything, so I really apologise for the late reply. Have a beautiful weekend. ❤


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