Free Writing: No More Writer’s Block!

Free writing No More Writer's Block


Free writing is a technique used by writing professors and advisors. I first used free writing a year or so ago, when I started doing writing courses. It’s become invaluable to me.

What is free writing?

It’s a writing tool where you write continuously for a certain period of time and pay no attention to spelling and grammar.

Why should you free write?

Free writing helps overcome writer’s block and helps you come up with new ideas for your story.

How do you free write?

  • Set 5 to 15 minutes to write without stopping. You’ll be surprised how quickly this time expires.
  • Choose a topic to write about.
  • Start your timer and start writing.
  • Write until the time is up.

Tips for free writing:

  • Disregard grammar, spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation and incomplete sentences.
  • Write whatever comes to mind.
  • Go easy on yourself.
  • Read your work when time expires and see if there are any ideas that you can use in your work in progress.
  • Keep your free writing pages in a book or folder.
  • Practice free writing often to unlock your creativity.

Free Writing Exercise:

Here’s a free writing exercise with topics for you to choose from. The topics are listed in days and months, incorporate these words into your writing.

Freewriting Topics.jpg

I did this exercise and this is what I came up with in 5 minutes. My topics were Latte and Glass Door:

Jane sipped on her skinny latte and gazed at the glass door, hoping he would come through like he had so many times before. She knew it was impossible this time, but a girl could dream. Their love was a whirlwind of emotion that ended too soon. It didn’t end, it was snuffed out in its prime. She should have married him, moved into the large house on Main Street with him and had a dozen of his kids, but that was impossible now. She took another long sip, maybe she should go shopping to  take her mind off the bouquets scattered all over her house, the sympathy cards and sorry looks she gets every time she made eye contact with someone she know. Yes, that was a plan.


Have you heard of free writing before? Did you try the exercise? Do you free write often or not at all? Did you enjoy my freewriting piece? Let me know what you think of this post by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off New


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    Have you tried freewriting before? Check this post out if you are unsure of what it is or if you would like to try a freewriting exercise.


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