Searching for Happiness – Connecting with your True Self

I love this motivational post on Scale It Simple.

Who are you?

I mean really, who are you?

I have been finding myself asking this question to myself lately and I must admit the conclusions I came to were a little startling not to mention deep. I realized that any search for happiness, love, and goodness begins with this simple question.

Who are you?

We are male, female, young, old, daughter, Canadian, married, single, thin, successful. We are categories. We are also our relationships to those categories. At least that is what we identify with at the end of the day. When searching for who we are in moments of doubt or looking for the confidence to build upon who we are we turn to those categories for support and guidance.

But is that who we really are? Are we just labels and categories?

I like to think we are more. In fact, I know we are, but how…

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