The Cons of Blogging: Consistency, Content and Connection

The Cons Of Blogging Consistency, content and connection.jpg


There are many building blocks that make a successful and well known blog. The three cons in this post definitely separate the social from the professional blogs. Once you get these ‘cons’ right, you will be well on your way to having a popular and populous blog that everyone will admire. Let’s look at them in more detail.


Being consistent as a blogger is something that you come across in almost every piece of blogging advice out there, but what does that mean for you?

It means that you should:

  • Offer new information and posts to your readers in an expedient manner
  • Be strategic and think strategically about your posts and posting times
  • Group or categorise your posts in a way that makes it easy for readers to find and follow subsequent posts
  • Use a blog planner, diary, blog folder or calendar to become more organised

Blog Planning Kit.jpgClick the link to download your free copy of this Blog Planning Kit that includes a page to write down your ideas, to do list, goals as well as a weekly and monthly planner and a bonus social media and blog traffic tracker!

Blog Planning Kit

  • Schedule your posts in advance

The advantages of consistency are:

  • Your blog viewers increase
  • You build a rapport with your readers and they will follow, subscribe and return to your blog to see what’s new
  • Your SEO rankings will increase

Three tips to staying consistent:

  1. Write all your blogging ideas down in a blogging book
  2. Participate in daily prompts and blog challenges to get the ideas going
  3. Write every day so that you increase your skills as a writer and posting will become easier and faster.


The next con I’m going to address is probably the most important one – Content.

Writing original content that solves your reader’s problems or questions is the best way to build a successful blog and increase your SEO rankings simultaneously.

Pay special attention to your headline and first few lines in order to hook your reader and ensure that they read your post from beginning to end.

Keep your posts as short and focussed as possible and credit original sources of your information and add links to more information that your reader can check out after they’ve read your post.

Weave a personal story or two into your blog post so your reader can form a connection with you and your writing.

Give your readers tips or a way to apply the information you’ve just given them in your post.

Ask questions as a call to action at the end of a post so that they can comment and share their experiences regarding the topic.

Only use relevant photos, videos and graphs in your posts.

And the last con I’m going to address today is connection or forming a connection with your reader.

You need your reader to connect with you so that they will return to your blog time and time again.

Here are my top tips for forming meaningful and lasting connections with them:

Write your posts as if you were speaking to a friend by including the words I and You

Ask your reader questions that they can answer in the comments section of your blog

Understand your reader and what they want/need to read on your blog

Understand why they chose to come to your blog and hone in on it

Empathise with your reader and provide actionable solutions to their problems

Inspire and motivate your reader

Read their posts, follow and comment on their blogs

Make time for them by answering their comments on your blog

Connect with your reader on social media – like and comment on their posts.


Now you have the tools to make your blog as successful as it can be! Join me tomorrow for a post on blog design that you won’t want to miss.

Did you find this post helpful? What do you think makes a blog successful? What is your Achilles heel as a blogger? How do you keep up with the cons in daily blogging? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off New

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5 thoughts on “The Cons of Blogging: Consistency, Content and Connection

  1. My main problem … a supreme attraction to boredom. I will eventually get bored with it and lose pace. I need to enter more challenges to keep interested.


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